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7 Signs You’re Way Overdue for an Eye Exam
We, at Yankee Eye Clinic, know the importance of healthy eyes which involves an annual eye exam. What good does healthy eating and exercise do if you cannot see properly?

Below we have listed seven reason why we feel you should come in for an annual eye wellness exam. See (pun intended) if any of the symptoms pertain to you.
1. Your eyes are watering all the time.
Do you know watery eyes are one of the most common side effects of Ocular Surface Diease (OSD)? Most people know OSD as dry-eyes. This happens when your eyes do not make enough of their own tears that the brain kicks in and makes “crying” tears for you.

We at Yankee Eye Clinic have a treatment for OSD. When you come in for your annual eye exam we can discuss it further.
2. It’s more difficult for you to see things.
This can be caused by turning forty, dry eyes or Glaucoma to name a few systems. Many variables can attribute to bleary vision. With just two eyes, why chance doing permanent damage when an eye exam can give us so much valuable information.
3. You have double vision.
Double vision can be scary if it happens to you.

It can be as simple as needing a new prescription in your existing glasses or it can indicate something more serious such as a stroke or other medical problems.

If you are experiencing difficulty with speech, numbness or problems walking, go to the emergency room. If no systems, make an appointment for an eye exam.
4. Your peripheral vision is off.
Your peripheral vision allows you to give side eye and is thus crucial to life. If you see patchy spots in your peripheral vision or you are unable to use your peripheral vision that is a good indicator you need to come in for an eye exam.
5. You are experiencing eye pain.
If you experience eye pain lasting longer than 24 hours, even if mild, you should call the clinic and come in for an exam.

There are many possibilities to what may be causing your pain. With specialty testing we can help diagnosis what the cause is.
6. Your eyes are constantly pink or red.
So you stayed up later than you thought. A good rule is to have your eyes examined for any redness lasting more than 24 hours. An inflammatory condition like iritis or conjunctivitis (aka pink eye) can also be a common cause. Don’t be a hero, come in and see us.
7. You cannot remember when your last eye exam was.
And don’t say you had an eye exam in school. That does not count.

It is important to have your eyes examined on a yearly basis.
You only have two eyes. You want to keep them as healthy as possible.
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