Dry Eye Center of Excellence – Yankee Eye Clinic

Dry Eye Center of Excellence

Yankee Eye Clinic and Rosemount Eye Clinic have been named a Dry Eye Center of Excellence.  Ocular Surface Disease, often manifested by Dry Eye Symptoms, affects a large percentage of people, especially women.

The most common cause of dry eye symptoms is structural and functional compromise to glands in our eyelids which secrete oil.  Normally, the oil is pumped out of the glands when we blink.  It mixes in the tears and slows evaporation.  Often the pores of these glands become blocked.  The oil thickens and cannot get out, so the tears evaporate quickly.  This results in dry areas on our eyes which are irritating and uncomfortable.  Blocked glands gradually break off in the lids and die.  This a chronic progressive disease that never gets better on its own.

When you come in for your comprehensive eye exam, we have you complete a questionnaire to detect dry eye symptoms.  If symptoms are detected, we have an instrument that takes a picture of these glands that we review with you.  At your return visit for an Ocular Surface Disease Evaluation, we thoroughly evaluate the function of these glands and the effects on your eyes.

At that time, we will discuss various treatment options.  Lipiflow is an instrument that gently warms the glands to soften the oil then massages the lids to open the blocked pores and get the thickened oil removed from the glands.  There are less than 20 offices in the entire state of MN that have this technology.  The Lumenis M22 uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to treat inflammation in these glands.  This new technology has been found to greatly reduce symptoms of Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease.  In addition to these treatments we have a Home Therapy Kit which consists of heated goggles and masks, anti-microbial lid treatments, dietary supplements and lubricant drops to help relieve dry eye symptoms and change the environment that led to the problem in the first place.

We have the latest technology to treat Ocular Surface Disease and have helped many patients feel better.  If you suffer from Dry Eye, call our office and let us help you find relief.  Our Mission is to save the glands that people have left and help those glands function better, reducing your symptoms.