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Eye Emergencies

We provide Emergency Eye Care

Many people go a Hospital Emergency Room or Urgent Care Center when they could come to us for a corneal abrasion, pink eye, foreign object on the eye, or a host of other ocular emergencies.  We can save you time and money by taking care of these situations for you in our offices.

Why Yankee Eye Clinic and Rosemount Eye Clinic should be your first call for eye emergencies?

Conceptual graphic of an eye with a cross inside

We Are Your Primary Eye Care Professionals

Your eyes are our specialty.

Around The Clock Access

We offer around the clock care without the wait time of a hospital emergency department.

Comprehensive Eye Care

We are highly skilled doctors, well experienced in the diagnosis and management of eye emergencies.

Lower Cost

Emergency room visits often carry high co-pays and large insurance bills along with peripheral costs like parking and lost time.

Why Yankee Eye Clinic and Rosemount Eye Clinic Doctors Are Your Best Choice For Treating Eye Emergencies

  • We have advanced training and technology not available at hospital emergency departments.
  • Our doctors ensure eye emergencies are prioritized to see you sooner.

Emergency Reasons to Call Yankee Eye Clinic and Rosemount Eye Clinic

  • Corneal abrasion (scratched eye)
  • Sudden blurring or distortion of vision
  • Sudden onset of seeing floaters (small spots or lines) or flashes of light
  • Foreign body in the eye, such as a piece of metal
  • Red eyes or “pink eye”
  • Eye infections
  • Eye allergies
  • Eye pain or injuries

Please call our office if you have an eye emergency!