Fashion and Designer Eyewear – Yankee Eye Clinic

Fashion and Designer Eyewear

Our team will help you find the best fit of eyewear based on the look, fit and functionality you want for your lifestyle.  We will help explain the different lenses and frames that will impact your decision.

We offer a large selection of Fashion and Designer Eyewear from famous manufacturers.  We carry the latest eyewear collections in a variety of styles, colors and materials and help you find your best look and fit.  We also have our Value Collection of eyewear to fit all budgets.

Our team will help you find the best frames based on the look, fit and functionality you need for your lifestyle and activities.  Lens selection also plays a huge role in eyewear success and we have the latest in digital lenses so you can crystal clear with your new glasses.

If you are considering two pair of glasses, for example prescription sunglasses or computer glasses, we have a Second Pair Savings Program to help.

Each clinic has won the Readers’ Choice Award, voted on by the community, as the “Best Optical/Eyeglass Store”in their areas for the past several years.  We pride ourselves on serving our patients with a great frame selection, expert product knowledge and explanation, with efficient and accurate ordering, fulfillment and delivery of your new glasses.