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Glaucoma Care

Glaucoma is a disease where there is damage to the retinal nerve fiber layer at the back of the eye. Glaucoma used to be called the “silent stealer of sight” because there aren’t symptoms the patient notices until after a lot of damage has already occurred.  This is why we do glaucoma screening tests every time you come in for a comprehensive eye exam.  We check the Intraocular Pressure (IOP) which is elevated above the normal range for most glaucoma patients.  While the IOP being elevated is a common sign of glaucoma, there are patients who have damage on the back of the eye but their IOP is in the normal range.  These patients have “Low Pressure Glaucoma”.  We also do a Visual Field Screening to identify any patients with abnormal findings which could be due to glaucoma.

For those patients who either have glaucoma or are suspected of having glaucoma, we have high tech instruments to help us diagnose and manage this disease.  The Avanti OCT is able to measure the thickness of the nerve fiber layer at the retina, and compare a given patient’s results to age and gender-based norms to identify if any damage has occurred.  We also have Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer that gives a very detailedanalysis of a patient’s retinal sensitivity to light which is compromised in glaucoma. 

We have the expertise and instruments to help diagnose and manage glaucoma.  If this is an issue or concern for you, you are in good hands with Yankee Eye Clinic and Rosemount Eye Clinic.