Lenses – Yankee Eye Clinic


Digital Lenses provide your clearest vision possible.  These amazing lenses eliminate the small amount of distortion that is inherent in traditional design lenses provide clarity to see your world in HD.

No-line Bifocal or Progressive Addition Lenses are for people who have difficulty reading near and need a bifocal.  These lenses provide clear vision at all distances by having a gradual power change as you look down through the lower portion of the lens.  The NO LINE lenses are so both functional and cosmetically better looking.

SunSynchLenses are photochromic lenses that darken into sunglasses when you go outdoors and return to clear when you go indoors.  The activation phase and deactivation phase take about a minute of cycle time.  The new SunSynch lenses are a higher quality of photochromic lenses then previous generations.

BluTechLenses filter harmful short-wavelength blue light from reaching your eyes.  Blue light is emitted from all flat screens such as your computer, tablet, TV or phone.  People are exposed to harmful blue light each day.  Blue light has been shown to contribute to eye fatigue, digital eye strain, cataract development, and difficulty sleeping.  Many patients elect to get BluTech lenses for their computer glasses and protect their eyes with Tech Shield Blue lens treatment in their regular glasses.

Value Lenses are traditional lenses that allow us to fill the eyewear needs for every budget.  We stock many of these lenses and have the capacity to edge the lenses on-site at our clinic.  This saves time and money which we pass on to you in our Value Collection of frames and lenses.

Sunglass Lenses are polarized lenses that block the harmful Ultra-violet rays and they also cut glare.  Everyone benefits from the safety, comfort and convenience provided by Polarized sunglass lenses.

BluTech Sunglasses allow you to see your phone, tablet or other flat screen easily even when you are outside.  The polarized screens on many devices block the view through traditional polarized sunglasses but  BluTech Sunglass Lenses allow you to still see your device screens.

Non-Glare Lenses have a surface lens treatment that reduces reflections and glare.  This is especially important when driving at night or looking at a computer all day. 

High-Index Lenses “bend light faster” creating a thin and light lens for patients with stronger prescription powers.  There are various levels of High-Index lenses and we will determine which lens is best for you based on your prescription and frame selection.  High-Index lenses help reduce lens thickness especially for highly nearsighted patients.

Aspheric Lenses reduce the curve and thickness for farsighted patients.  These lenses also reduce magnification of your eyes when people look at you, which improves the cosmetic look of the eyewear.