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Yankee Eye Clinic and Rosemount Eye Clinic have each won the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Optical in Eagan and Rosemount, respectively for the past several years.

We have a fabulous selection of high-quality frames and lenses to create eyewear you are proud to wear.  Our optical team is ready to help you find the perfect frame and explain the features and benefits of lens options such as digital optics, Progressive Addition Lenses (no-line bifocals), non-glare lenses, transition lenses, polarized sunglass lenses, BluTech lenses to protect your from blue light exposure, special computer glasses to help you view the screen comfortably, sports glasses, and more.

An edging lab at our Yankee Eye Clinic location allows us to make many single vision glasses in a short time in an emergency.

We also have a selection of Express Package frames and lenses for patients looking for a budget priced pair of glasses. 

We have eyewear for every price point and patients of all ages, from children to elderly. 

We look forward to helping you have fun getting a new pair of eyewear that you will love.

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