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Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses for visual correction.  They are comfortable and safe and are available for most correction needs.  There are Single Vision Soft Contacts for seeing well in the distance.  If you have astigmatism, Toric Soft Contacts give good vision.  For people who need bifocal glasses, Soft Contacts are available in Multi-focal designs which give good vision at both distance and near.

Soft Contacts are available in various wearing schedule modalities.  Daily Disposable is the fastest growing segment of Soft Contact Lenses.  These are single use lenses where a new lens is opened and put on in the morning, then discarded at the end of the day.  These are the safest and most convenient lenses.  Manufacturer rebates and our competitive pricing makes this system surprisingly affordable.  Plus there are no solution costs because there is no overnight storage of lenses.  Monthly disposable lenses are inserted and removed daily and stored overnight in disinfecting solution.  The same pair of lenses is used for 1 month, then discarded and a new lens pair is used for the next month.  Two-week disposable lenses are also available. These are handled the same as monthly lenses but are replaced every two weeks.  Some patients are interested in wearing Soft Contacts on an Extended Wear schedule, sleeping in their lenses for up to a month straight.  Only a few lenses are FDA approved for Extended Wear.  We have them and are able to fit you with these lenses as well.

We are Contact Lens Experts and carry lenses from all the major manufacturers.  If you have dreamed of freedom from glasses and wearing Soft Contact lenses instead, come to see us, we can help you be successful with Soft Contact Lenses.