Sunglasses – Yankee Eye Clinic


Non-Prescription sunglasses are great to wear if you don’t need a correction or if you wear contact lenses.  We have sunglasses from Oakley, Maui Jim, Ray Ban, Tom Ford and Kate Spade.  Any of these frames can also have prescription sunglass lenses put into them so you can have a great sunglass look while still seeing well.  Sunglass lenses are important for protecting your eyes from Ultra-violet light.  Inexpensive sunglass lenses usually don’t filter the highest levels of UV and some even distort the light as it passes through the lens thereby blurring what you see.

Prescription sunglass lenses can be put into any of our Fashion and Designer frames or into any of our Non-Prescription sunglass frames.  This allows you to look great and see clearly and comfortably when you are outside.